7 Best Coffee Makers For College Students 2023

Since the day coffee makers were invented, it has made life easier for every coffee lover. Coffee is one of the essentials in a working person’s routine, whether you are a student or self-employed. It jumpstarts your brain after a long tiring day.

With life getting busier every following day, brewing coffee can be a pretty hectic chore to do when you are already exhausted, and that is where the best coffee makers for college students come in.

We have done in-depth tests on the best coffee makers for college students out there that may suit your lifestyle and routine.

Which are the Best Coffee Makers For College Students?

1. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

  • Capacity: 48-ounce 
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brew time: one minute

This coffee maker uses the latest technology to give you the coffee that will make your day. You might be worried that you will have to refill the coffee maker with water every time you feel like having coffee, but this coffee maker has got you covered.

It allows you to make at least 6 cups of coffee before having to refill; this is made possible by its hefty 48 ounces removable water reservoir. It not only saves time but also, with its auto-off feature, saves energy as well. 

Being a college student overloaded with assignments and projects, you tend to doze off while doing the tasks. If this coffee maker is left idle for 2 hours, it will turn off by itself without worrying about wastage of energy.

Furthermore, it can stop working if it is not cleaned and calcium deposits build up inside the coffee maker. To cater to this issue, it has the de-scaling feature, which helps remove calcium deposits, increasing the lifespan of the coffee maker.

  • Time-efficient
  • Saves energy
  • Easy to operate
  • Noisy

2. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

  • Capacity: 12 Cups
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brew time: 10 minutes for 12 cups

The Mr. 12-Cup Coffee Maker is a lifesaver if you have a group of friends over; it allows you to make up to 12 cups of coffee in just 10 minutes. With simple controls, it can be operated by anyone. The relatively stable handling feature avoids any spilling of hot coffee and overheating.

You can grab a cup whenever you want, even before the brewing is completely stopped with the auto-pause feature. Cleaning is an integral part of the coffee makers, and it allows you to lift and clean the filter basket efficiently.

Electronic appliances usually have long cords which clutter the kitchen counters, but Mr. Coffee has a shorter 26 inches cord avoiding any counter clutter.

The jug being transparent and having a dual water window allows visibility which helps you to avoid any water flows. Using the scale, you can make your coffee accurately.

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves storage space
  • Short cord

3. Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker

  • Capacity: 96 Fluid ounces
  • Material: Glass
  • Brew time: 10 minutes for 12 cups

Unlike the usual coffee makers, This machine is programmable with a small screen that tells you the exact time left for your coffee to be brewed. Not only that, but this coffee maker also helps you set the brew time and the strength in advance. 

The design of the coffee maker allows you to avoid spills when you are pouring the coffee. Filling the water tank is quite a hassle, but you can fill the water quickly because of the front access to the water tank.

With its programmable functions, you can choose from the different brewing options and select whether you want to make coffee for a smaller or a larger serving.

This coffee maker comes with a non-stick hot plate which provides the water tank with a stable base and allows uniform heating. If you forget to clean the coffee maker to avoid building up trash, it gives you cleaning reminders.

  • Programmable clock
  • Automatic pause
  • Cleaning reminders
  • Difficult to control

4. Cuisinart Thermal Coffeemaker

  • Capacity: 3 Quarts
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brew time: 10 minutes

This Cuisinart coffee maker comes in primarily handy when you want to store coffee for the day as it retains the temperature of the coffee with its insulating material.

It is fully automatic and allows you to multitask as you won’t have to worry about your coffee once you turn this coffee maker on. It also has a ready alert tone which can signal you to come and enjoy your coffee when the brewing process is over.

Being fully automatic, it also allows you to choose between coffee flavors. You can either make the regular coffee or the bold coffee flavor. Making an accurate amount of coffee is essential; otherwise, there is a high likelihood of wasting water. This coffee maker has an easy-to-view water window helping you to put in the exact amount of water.

  • High coffee temperatures
  • Brew strength control
  • Fully automatic
  • Expensive

5. Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer

  • Capacity: 60 fluid ounces
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brew time: 10 minutes

The Ninja CE251 programmable brewer is the perfect example of Innovation at its very best. With its custom brew strengths, it allows you to have rich, flavorful coffee every time.

Using the advanced boiler technology allows you to have a scorching cup of coffee as soon as you wake up. This coffee maker allows you to have a 24-hour programmable brew to have a coffee ready for you in the morning. Not only that, but it also can keep your coffee warm for up to 4 hours due to the adjustable warming plate.

The attached water reservoir is also removable, allowing you to carry it to the sink for easy filling conveniently. Washing this coffee maker is also an easy task as it is dishwasher safe.

  • Delayed brew
  • Removable reservoir
  • Adjustable warming plate
  • High operating cost

6. Brews 12-Cup Coffee Maker

  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Brew time: 10 minutes

This coffee maker comes with a waterproof backlit LCD. It has a 24-hour programmable clock and timer, which allows you to have your coffee ready at the exact time you want. Its build materials have thermal insulation and a non-slip pattern to prevent any burns.

The anti-drip design enhances sealing and allows you to pour coffee without making any mess. Another outstanding feature is the keep-warm feature which allows you to keep your coffee warm for up to 2 hours.

The brew-pause feature stops brewing for 30 seconds after the container has been removed to let you enjoy a cup if you stop it before the brewing is complete.

It comes with a spray that can balance the acidity and the sweetness of the coffee while simultaneously retaining the original flavor of the coffee beans. The built-in power-saving mode makes sure to balance the electricity usage. The auto-off feature helps you to conserve a lot of energy.

  • Has a showerhead
  • Anti-drip system
  • Has a reusable filter
  • Difficult to clean

7. KRUPS drip Coffee Maker

  • Capacity: 50 fluid ounces
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Brew time: 10 minutes

If you want to make your morning routine simple, KRUPS Coffee Maker is perfect for you. Just by pressing a single button, it will make 10 cups of coffee for you.

This coffee maker has a modern design and is relatively cheaper, making it the perfect choice for college students. It is built of stainless steel, which allows it to retain the temperature of the coffee.

Furthermore, it has a removable water tank and an exterior water window allowing the user to fill water conveniently. It has one button making the operation of this coffee maker much more accessible.

This coffee maker is the perfect partner for college students as it will help them pull through several all-night studying plans.

  • Difficult to clean water window
  • One press start
  • Modern design
  • Low capacity

Best Coffee Makers For College Students – Buyer’s Guide

Having a coffee maker in the dorm is a terrific way to not only brew a cup of coffee but also to save money by not buying it from a coffee shop.

When selecting a coffee maker for college students, you must make the best decision possible. It must first be within your budget, but it must also be appropriate for you and your lifestyle. These are some essential features to look out for a while buying a coffee maker for college dorms.


A programmable coffee maker is quite the best choice for college students. College life being a rollercoaster ride, a student would need something of convenience. Programmable coffee makers make life easy with the automatic brew function that makes sure your coffee is ready as soon as you wake up.

It would be best if you go for a coffee maker which allows you to make different flavors of coffee. Not only that, but these coffee makers also come with auto cleaning functions, power-saving, and auto-pause, making life easier for students.

Water Filter

Do you have a filtration system in place in your dorm kitchen sink? If not, you’re probably using unfiltered water, which will detract from the quality of your coffee. Some coffee makers include a built-in water filter in the water tank, which enhances the flavor of your coffee and makes it hygienic.


A significant feature to look out for is the capacity, as there is not much time for a college student to refill the coffee maker every time they want to have coffee. 

Getting a coffee maker which can quickly get you through the day would be better for a student. There are coffee makers with various capacities, but the ideal capacity should be around 60 fluid ounces, which allows you to have as much coffee as you want in a single day before refilling it.


The choice of material for the coffee maker makes quite a difference. A coffee maker that is made up of stainless steel is the better option for college students. It can store coffee for you for more extended periods and also retain the temperature simultaneously.

You could even choose a dishwasher-safe coffee maker, allowing you to clean it conveniently. A stainless-steel coffee maker is easy to clean without making any mess.


What coffee maker should I bring to college?

A coffee maker to bring to the college should be lightweight and portable, and should have all the automatic functions. The above mentioned coffee makers have all these features.  Our pick is the Brewsly 12 cup coffee maker, it is lightweight and is made up of the perfect material. Also, it has the most features, allowing you to drink the best coffee with ease.

What coffee makers are allowed in dorms?

Although many people claim that resident assistants will not write you up for your coffee makers, not all coffee makers are allowed in dorms. In most dorms, appliances with open heating elements are not permitted. Many latest coffee machines, fortunately, feature closed heating systems, hence are allowed in dorms. 

Can I have a coffee machine in my dorm?

Coffee machines are allowed inside dorms as long as they feature a closed heating system.

Which coffee maker makes the best tasting coffee?

The market for coffee makers is quite saturated with every company striving to make the best coffee maker for you and to give you the best possible taste.

The taste of your coffee is affected by the coffee beans as well, which is why the choice of the coffee beans you buy will have a cascading effect on the taste of your coffee.

However, we would suggest you go with Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker. Made up of stainless steel, it will give you the coffee with high temperatures with the best taste and all that in just one minute for a cup.

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