Cuisinart Toa 60 vs 65: Which Oven Toaster Air Fryer is Better?

Hailing from the same series, the Toa 60 and Toa 65 share numerous common features. Both offer a combined functionality of a convection oven toaster and air fryer. However, the Toa 65 comes with a good deal of upgraded features that give it an edge over the previous Toa 60. 

Moving forward, you’ll see how the Toa 60 and Toa 65 compare against each other in terms of cooking functions, controls, capacity, and everything else that matters. 

Compiled after hours of analysis, you can trust this guide to address all your concerns regarding these 2 oven toaster air fryers. 

So let’s get into it!


Both Toa 60 and Toa 65 are similar in terms of power rating. They consume 1800 Watts of electricity and so, both of them reach the programmed temperature in similar time duration. 

With 1800W of power consumption, the Toa 60 and Toa 65 heat up faster and recover quickly as well. The food is cooked consistently with adequate temperature regulation.

Cooking Functions

An impressive upgrade in cooking functions makes the Toa 65 clearly win over the Toa 60.

Although both of them can function as an air fryer, oven toaster, and convection oven, the Toa 60 offers 7 cooking functions in contrast to its counterpart, which offers 9 cooking functions.

As for the Toa 60, you can use it for toast, air fry, convection broil, convection bake, bake, broil, and warm functions. While this is pretty much everything an average user needs, you’ll be impressed with the upgrades that Toa 65 has to offer.

The Toa 65 can handle everything the Toa 60 does but the added features will easily entice a cooking freak. In addition to the toast, air fry, broil, bake, and reheat functions, the Toa 65 comes with dual cook, slow cook, and dehydrate functions. It is cool actually for a sub $300 appliance to come up with those functions.


The dual-cook feature in Toa 65 allows you to cook two different meals simultaneously and that’s not the best part yet. You can use different cooking instructions for both meals and that, my friend, saves an ark’s worth of time and effort.

Slow Cook

In addition, the slow cook function in the Toa 65 is great for tenderizing meats and also brings out an enhanced flavor in your favorite meals. You can cook hands off while you’re away with the slow-cook function of the oven.

Finally, we have to admit these multi-functional oven toasters are a touch above traditional ovens for they offer similar functions at a lesser cost. Besides, they take up less space too which makes them a great choice for smaller kitchens. 


Another notable upgrade in the Toa 65 is in terms of the control panel. The Toa 60 features an analog control system whereas the Toa 65 outshines its predecessor with digital controls.

The analog control system is quite outdated now plus you do not get the accuracy as you’d with digital controls. The multiple knobs and dials are hard to operate for some people especially when you’re cooking meals that are highly temperature sensitive. 

The digital controls on the Toa 65 give it a modern appearance. Apart from that, you get the ease of operation as you can program the cooking instructions with a few taps only instead of frantically eyeing the temperature as you set the oven. 

So thanks to Cuisinart for dropping the outdated analog control panel in the Toa 65 oven toaster air fryer. While this upgrade is not of utmost importance to most people, it is commendable for sure.


Both Toa 60 and 65 share the same cooking capacity i.e. 16 litres which is easily ample for small families. 

With the small footprint of the oven, a 16 litres capacity is more than we expected. The Toa 60 can handle 6 slices of toast or 4 pounds of whole chicken. The air fryer basket boasts a large surface area, actually, it is larger than its competitor appliances from Philips and GoWise. It can house 3 pounds of chicken wings altogether.

For pizzas, you can throw in 12” pans at max which is alright because you can always bake more than one at a time. 

Coming to the Toa 65 which offers exactly the same capacity for cooking and baking. 6 slices of toast, 4lb. Chicken, all just the same. And this leaves us with a tie between the two in terms of capacity. 

Temperature and Convection 

Another feature where the Toa 65 has a significant edge over its predecessor is the temperature. The lower temperature limit is often overlooked which is why most people think the Toa 60 and 65 are similar in terms of temperature.

With the Toa 65 toaster oven, you get a wider temperature range from 80F to 450F. On the contrary, the Toa 60 offers a temperature range between 250F to 450F only. 

The wider range of the Toa 65 makes it easy to prepare meals that require a lesser temperature. While most meals do not require that, it never hurts to have a wide range of options. 

Heating elements 

Moving on, you get 4 heating elements in both the oven toaster air fryers. With 2 heating elements down and 2 above, the oven renders delectable top crusts and an even temperature throughout the dish. 

The heating elements are programmed according to each function which is a great news for a novice cook unaware of the heating element dynamics.

Convection Fans

Since these are convection ovens, you get convection fans in both of these appliances that allow an even temperature regulation throughout the oven. When talking about convection fans, it is pertinent to mention the Toa 65 offers adjustable convection fan speed whereas the Toa 60 falls short in this regard. 


Moving on to the construction and build quality, which is pretty much the same for both Toa 60 and Toa 65.

These multifunctional oven toasters boast a stainless steel construction with a subtle sheen finish. The racks are stainless steel and dishwasher safe too. Moreover, you’ll find non-stick trays and interior which makes clean-up post cooking a lot easier. The glass door is heat proof and sturdy and allows easy monitoring of the food. 

However, because it’s a stainless steel construction, the oven gets super hot while cooking which means you need to work around it with caution. But it does come with stay-cool plastic handles on each side that come in handy if you ever have to move the oven whilst cooking.

Overall, the Toa 60 and Toa 65 have a sturdy build quality, consistent performance, and will last a pretty long time without any trouble. 

Other Features

Interior Light

Both Toa 60 and Toa 65 feature an interior light that makes it easy to keep an eye on the food inside the oven. 

You can monitor the food easily and avoid burns to a great extent. Instead of opening the oven door every 10 minutes or so and losing all the gathered heat inside, you can simply switch on the light and check out the condition of your food. 

Of course, this is not a wow feature as we find an interior light in most ovens but it’s well worth a mention.

Toast Shader

Features like these are often thought of as mere marketing gimmicks but we’re pleasantly surprised by the toast shader function in the Toa 60 and Toa 65. It actually works and makes a difference.

This feature allows you to set the shade level of your choice from light, medium to dark and works its way to achieve that perfect shade every time without drying out the toast. 

LCD Display

Since the control system of the Toa 60 is all analog, we don’t see an LCD display in this unit which is a downside we were ready for.

In contrast, the Toa 65 boasts a smart LCD display which is big enough to read out the programmed functions easily. You won’t really feel a difference until you try out a digital control panel but, once you do, there’s no going back. 

You can check the temperature, timer, and other controls at a glance on the LCD display unlike the analog system that requires a close monitoring of each knob separately. 

Air Fry Preset

The air fry presets are another stand out feature for the Toa 65. 

The Toa 65 offers a wide range of available presets that allow a hassle free programming and render perfectly cooked meals. The available air fry presets in the Toa 65 include Fresh Fries, Frozen Fries, Wings, Nuggets, Snacks, and Vegetables. 

This sets you free from the hassle of setting timer and temperature for these items. The Toa 60 lacks this feature which is not a deal breaker, of course. But if you’re looking for quick and easy operations, the Toa 65 is IT.


Just like any other convection oven, the Toa 60 and Toa 65 both come with a timer that beeps once the fixed time finishes. 

However, there’s something very wrong with the timer of Toa 60. It’s not just us, a lot of users have reported issues with the timer of their Toa 60. In most cases, the timer runs at least 5 to 6 minutes long and that ends up in burnt food. 

It’s either a design defect or quality control issue because it looks like the first line on the timer is 15 and not 10. Therefore, if you’re working around with Toa 60, make sure to adjust the timer at least 5 minutes less than you actually intend to do.


Both the Toa 60 and 65 are going to save you a lot of kitchen space as they offer numerous amazing functionalities that’ll give you the margin to put the individual appliances aside. Besides, both of them have a small footprint.

The Toa 60 measures around 15.5 x 16 x 14 inches whereas the Toa 65 measures slightly larger at 17 x 21.7 x 15.8 inches. The Toa 65 demands a little more counter space but the footprint is still minimal, making it an easy choice for small kitchens.


Despite being bigger than the Toa 60, the Toa 65 weighs less. But let’s not hype it up because it’s just a pound.

The Toa 60 weighs 21 pounds whereas the Toa 65 is 20.03 pounds, making a difference that’s hard to notice.

But overall, the weight of both these oven toasters is appropriate for their size and capacity. 


With the great deal of functionalities in the Toa 60 and Toa 65, the price is really impressive. 

You can find the Toa 60 for $229 in contrast to its upgraded counterpart, that’ll cost you $299. With the added 70 bucks for Toa 65, you get a whole lot of cooking options and an intuitive control panel.

In all honesty, the functions, build quality, and performance of these oven toaster air fryers easily justify the price. 


Both Toa 60 and Toa 65 offer a 3 year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects and repairs for your Cuisinart appliances. And as far as we know, most users are able to claim the warranty easily in case of any problem. 

Final Verdict

To sum up, both Toa 60 and Toa 65 by Cuisinart are excellent appliances individually. Both have their own quirks but if you’re going to make a purchase, why not go for the upgraded version? 

The Toa 65 has all the stellar features of its predecessor. In addition to all that, Cuisinart has introduced even more promising features like the digital control panel making it futureproof. Also, it offers a wider variety in cooking functions of which slow cook, dehydrating and proofing, and the dual cook function is worth a mention.

The additional functions in the Toa 65 make it an obviously better choice. However, if you’re already a Toa 60 owner, believe me you’re not missing out anything big.

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