Does Walmart sell Dry Ice ?

Dry ice is typically used as a cooling agent, but there are other fun things that you can do with it. The use of dry ice is also seen in theatres for creating special effects and is more commonly used by people around Halloween.

Whatever it is that’s making you hunt for dry ice, we’ll make sure to address all the common queries related to dry ice, its availability at Walmart or other local stores, and pricing, etc. So let’s get to our first question:

How much does Dry Ice Cost at Walmart?

Yes, you can find dry ice at multiple Walmart stores. Now I cannot guarantee you the availability of dry ice at your nearest Walmart, of course. However, one thing I can say for sure is that Walmart does sell dry ice.

Walmart does not sell dry ice at all its locations because storing dry ice is not easy. Therefore, it is only available at specific locations with special holding facilities.

Now that you do know that Walmart sells dry ice, you must be wondering about the price. So let’s see how that goes. On their website, the price for Penguin Brand Dry Ice is listed as $1.44/pound. However, it can vary slightly from store to store.

As much as I know, you’ll find dry ice for as low as $1/lb at Walmart, while some of its stores have it for $2/lb. But anyway, that gives you a general idea about the price range. Walmart Dry Ice is fairly cheaper than other stores that have it for $3/lb at times.

Where do they sell Dry Ice in Walmart?

Locating Dry Ice at Walmart will not be an issue because you can always ask Walmart associates for help. But since this was a much-anticipated question, I have to address it. 

You’ll find dry ice at two places in Walmart. It is either placed near the regular ice freezers or anywhere near the checkout of the stores. Typically, you’ll find dry ice in Penguin Brand Freezers that are made extra cool to store dry ice.

How to find if my Local Walmart sells Dry Ice?

As I mentioned earlier, not all Walmart stores sell dry ice. So how do we know which one does? The best way is to call and check with your local Walmart if it sells dry ice or not. If not, you can ask them to guide you where you can find it.

Also, I’d recommend you call and check dry ice availability before you visit a certain store to avoid disappointments. While you’re making the purchase, don’t forget dry ice requires appropriate gloves and an insulated cooler to store it.

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