How to Get Kief Out of a Grinder

The kief, also known as dry sift, is primarily composed of trichomes. As mature cannabis buds develop, these crystalline structures form a sheath of lustrous structure that helps give the premium flower its luster. 

If you own a grinder, you know how aggravating it can be to find tons of kief stuck in cracks, crevices, and the screen of the grinder. Isn’t that something you want to smoke? If you are facing trouble even after using a knife or something else to scrape the grinder, what are the other options to get kief out of a grinder?  No matter how hard it is, there are numerous simple ways to get the kief out of a  grinder.

6 Methods to Get Kief Out of a Grinder

After gathering kief leftovers in a kief catch, one thing you’ll note is how consistent it is. A tiny powder called kief adheres to anything greasy. So, you shouldn’t take it out of your grinder with your fingers because of this. But don’t panic; you have choices. Following are the 6 simple and effective methods to get Kief out of a grinder.

  1. Ensure That You Do Not Grind Too Much At Once

Some people believe that the more herb they crush, the more kief they will produce. That is entirely incorrect. When you grind too much at once, the grinder quickly becomes sticky and filthy and the kief cannot be properly sorted. If you put far too much stuff in the grinder at once, you’ll end up with less kief rather than more. The key is to maintain balance.

It is preferable to mill a lesser quantity more frequently. A high-quality grinder with a sorting screen will collect a lot of kief, last a long time, and not get filthy easily. Keep in mind that how much you grind affects how well your grinder works.

  1. Place Your Grinder in the Freezer

You might like to try placing your grinder in the freezer for a short period if you have any Kief stuck at the bottom and are having trouble getting it out. This procedure can be useful if you need to gather your Kief because the chilly temperatures will make it fragile and simpler to scrape out.

The grinder shouldn’t be stored in the freezer for an extended period. Even five to ten minutes can be helpful. However, you might want to keep your grinder in the freezer for longer if there is a lot of difficult-to-remove Kief within.

It should be simpler to scoop the kief from your grinder once you remove it from the freezer. Try knocking it on a hard surface before dumping it onto a piece of paper. If there is any remaining Kief, you might want to try scraping it off with a brush.

  1. Clean Your Grinder Regularly

Whenever we spend the money on a brand-new grinder, this is always a good idea. We eventually end up having a nasty piece of metal that doesn’t grind as well as it once did. Why is that so? It is because now we are not cleaning the grinder regularly and now it is packed with resin and smells like bong water. A grinder is a stoner’s best friend, so don’t allow it to happen to you.

To make the operation simpler, use the freezing technique. Once the valuable kief has been removed, soak it or massage it in alcohol. We provide a thorough cleaning guide for your grinder. It will repay you tenfold and yield the same amount of kief as when it was brand-new!

  1. Use Fully Dried Herbs

Most of the Kief will come from plants that have been properly dried and preserved. The kief won’t simply fall off of your herbs if they are too young.

Grinding them will produce some kief, but we’ll also give you an expert tip. For roughly 15 minutes, freeze your fresh herbs. Their effectiveness won’t be affected, but the flavor profile will be slightly altered.

Unbelievably, drying out the herbs a little will result from freezing them. Just be careful not to forget about them or leave them in the freezer for an extended period. You can obtain the most kief by grinding them after such a brief period in the freezer. Who would have guessed this method?

  1. Use a Scraper

It’s a real pain in the bum to get kief out of a grinder, especially if you’re using only your stubby little fingers. A scraping tool can be quite helpful in this situation.

It won’t work with just any ding-dong scraper. You need something that truly grips the edges if you want to boost your yield enough to justify spending money on a new tool. A metal tool, such as the Keefer Mini Scraper, is ideal—possibly even overqualified.

You could consider removing someone’s spleen with something so exact, delicate, and keen. Utilizing it for kief collecting is the next best thing since doing the former would be against the law.

This method of gathering kief will undoubtedly produce the intended outcome. The effectiveness of the kief will guarantee that you get high even if you only receive enough to top a bowl. You can always keep this product in storage if you’d want to use it later or during a dry spell.

After putting in the effort necessary to obtain the concentrate, the majority of users usually smoke it right away. Enjoy your kief and don’t forget to clean the grinder!

  1. Using Isopropyl Alcohol

Though after freezing your grinder, you can occasionally discover that the kief at the bottom is just too hard to scrape out.

Fortunately, there is an additional technique you can employ to guarantee that you get every bit of kief from your grinder. You need to soak your grinder in Isopropyl Alcohol to do this.

Just about enough isopropyl alcohol to completely cover your grinder should be added to a jar or other container. Disassemble your grinder, submerge each component in the alcohol, and stir the mixture for a few seconds.

The liquor will assist in the Kief’s release from the grinder. The alcohol can then be placed in a Pyrex dish. Your Kief will remain after the booze has evaporated.

This works well to gather any remaining Kief, and while doing so, it also assists to clean your grinder. After removing your grinder from the alcohol, scrape it with a paintbrush or cotton bud before giving it a good rinsing and drying. You’ll be left with a sparkling new grinder and a supply of kief.

How To Use Kief to Enhance Your Joints?

There are numerous uses for Kief once you’ve acquired it. Kief is frequently used by individuals to improve their joints or bowls. Simply put some Kief on top of your joint or bowl after you’ve loaded it up with marijuana to get a stronger pleasure.

In addition to having a high THC content, kief has another significant benefit: versatility. There are numerous methods to ingest kief. Simply starting it up is one of the quickest and simplest methods.

By dusting powder over the bud you’ve placed into your pipe or bong bowl, you can smoke kief either by itself or in conjunction with cannabis flower. “Dipped joints” are produced when industrious joint rollers add kief to their works. Different cannabis extracts can be made with Kief as well.

You can get a pleasing block of hash by squeezing it with a pollen press. You may get high-quality rosin by covering it in parchment paper and compressing it with a rosin press or hair straightener.

Kief can also be vaped, but you’ll need a vaping gear that works with it. Many users even cook using cannabis butter or oil that has been infused with Kief. Kief is a highly valuable collectible regardless of how you utilize it.


Although one of the oldest cannabis preparations in existence, kief is still widely used today due to its relatively simple manufacturing process and lack of solvents. Try some of the above-mentioned methods if you’ve ever been interested in gathering kief and using it to enhance your cannabis use.

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