How To Toast Bread In Toaster Oven?

Did you know that more than 100 types of bread exist worldwide? The leading bread consumer is the United States of America, with record consumption of 14.7 million tonnes yearly.

A loaf of toasted bread is a great way to start your day. In this article, we will learn how to toast bread in a toaster oven within simple steps.

From the young generation to the boomers, everyone loves toasted bread. There is so much you can do with it. For example, you make an average jam toast or spice things up by making a slice of garlic bread. Whatever the use may be, toasted bread stands at the top breakfast choice, along with eggs and whatnot! 

Do not worry if your traditional toaster is out of business. You can use your new toaster oven to toast some crispy and crusty bread that will set the tone for the rest of the day! We will also discuss some mouthwatering toast recipes that can leave you craving for more.

Which Toaster Oven Are You Using?

There are mainly two types of toaster ovens. One is the regular oven, also referred to as the traditional oven. The other type is the convection toaster oven.

The regular oven toasts bread best when it is preheated. Since the oven can reach high temperatures irregularly, placing the bread inside the oven before preheating can result in burnt toast. Moreover, toasting the bread in a traditional oven takes considerable time as it needs to be preheated, and the overall toasting also takes longer. Such a hassle to toast bread can leave you annoyed, and you might prefer to leave the house hungry!

On the other hand, convection toaster ovens are the most suitable for toasting bread since they do not need to be preheated. A convection oven can evenly toast your bread as the convection setting blows hot air around the oven, ensuring fast cooking. A convection toaster oven can toast your bread in less than 2 minutes.

How To Toast Bread In Toaster Oven?

Below we have listed and explained the steps to prepare the easiest and most delicious bread in a toaster oven. Follow the below guide accurately to end up with toasted goodness!

Place The Bread Slices Inside The Toaster Oven Rack

The toaster oven already has a grill fixed inside it. Hence, you can directly place the slices of bread on the grill if you are looking for some extra crisp on your bread. In contrast, you may use a baking tray or a sheet to place the bread slices inside the oven. To ensure you get a crispy and crackling piece of bread, place the slices at the top level where the heating elements are closest. You can adjust the setting of the toaster oven grill to get your bread in the best position.

Configure The Toaster Oven Settings

The secret to getting the crispiest toast is to turn the toaster oven settings to the highest, allowing the bread to be toasted in the least time. Another setting you can play with while toasting bread in the toaster oven is to change the mode to broil rather than toast. Broil only activates the top heating elements and uses less energy overall. However, if you are unsure about it, it is best to go with the toast setting.

Turn On The Toaster Oven And Set The Cook Time

As a beginner toasting bread in a toaster oven, you might be hesitant to set the time. Do not worry, as we have got you covered. You probably would have toasted bread using a traditional bread toaster before. All you need to do is estimate the time you think the toaster oven will take to toast your bread. You may set it to 3 minutes if you don’t have a clue at all.

Watch the bread cook through the glass to ensure it does not burn. You may also set a stopwatch and track the time it takes for the bread to get toasted according to your preference. Just as the golden glaze can be witnessed through the glass door, turn off the toaster oven and take out the slices carefully.

It is possible that your slices may not be toasted completely. In that case, put the pieces in for another few seconds. Regular toasting will make you a professional, and you won’t need a stopwatch after all!

Do Not Forget To Flip The Bread

The toaster oven will only make the top of the bread crispy if you do not flip it. To ensure an even crunch, flip the bread once the top side turns golden brown and perfect to your taste. Once you know how long it takes to toast one side, you may flip the bread mindlessly when the toaster timer lapses halfway.

Flip the bread using tongs or a knife, so your fingers do not taste the heat. Always practice safety when using the toaster oven, as the appliance can get scorching when in use.

Here are some amazing and easy to make toast recipes 

It is time for some of the most delectable and hard-to-resist toast recipes you can prepare within a few minutes. These recipes will result in you ending up making toast bread for the rest of your life!

Chilli Cheese Toast

Nothing is more comforting than a chili cheese toast sandwich to satisfy your midnight cravings!

All it takes to prepare is an egg batter of green chilies with slices of cheese between the bread slices. The result will be a spicy oozing delight.

Mozzarella Toast

Simple yet delicious! A piece of bread with a load of mozzarella cheese, herbs, and sliced tomatoes is a perfect appetizer for dinner. This is the best way to prepare french bread with limited ingredients.

Prawn And Sesame Toast

Looking to prepare a royal snack to munch on? This prawn and sesame toast will leave your friends galvanized!

Finely chop some prawns and mix them with sesame seeds. Toast it to perfection and enjoy the meal with red sauce.

American Style Eggs And Bacons

Who does not love the ecstatic combination of eggs and bacon with toasted bread? Cut a hole using a cookie cutter or a cup in the middle of the bread. Crack an egg in the middle of the bread and let it toast until the eggs cook finely. Fry up some bacon, or the best is to toast them along with the eggs and bread.

Sprinkle some chives, spices, and shredded cheese to enhance the flavors and enjoy a complete breakfast. This recipe is incredible for kids and can be prepared within a few minutes.

Spicy Chicken On Toast

A more perfect lunch does not exist! Marinate chicken cubes into a barbeque-flavored batter, or try anything you like. Marinate and let it rest for 4 to 8 hours. Ensure the chicken is previously boiled and is around 80% cooked. The rest of it will be cooked while toasting. Place the spicy goodness on top of some buttered bread slices and toast till sizzling hot.

Final Thoughts

We hope you got the answer to the question of how to toast bread in toaster oven! There are various other ways to prepare toasted bread. For example, using a stove or a pan. But, the method we discussed above is by far the easiest recipe that produces the crunchiest toasties ever!

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